COP-North Africa against Migrant SMUGGling and THB



Start: 01-01-2020

End: 31-12-2022

Project description 

Through a Common Operational Partnership (COP) with the responsible authorities of the countries along the migration routes to and through North Africa, the activities of the criminal smuggling and human trafficking organisations are to be combated in a sustainable manner.

The project members take a holistic approach in their planned activities. Priority is given to Real time Intelligence Exchange and the promotion of capacity building and the improvement of basic technical Equipment. This approach facilitates joint investigations by the law enforcement authorities.

This project contains a total of 8 Work Packages, each headed by a different entity from an EU Member State. 

CILC, acting on behalf of the Netherlands, is implementing Work Package (WP) 6: Libyan/African criminal networks active in Libya and Europe specialized in migrants from the Horn of Africa.

WP 6 focusses on the route from the Horn of Africa and has two concrete, closely linked objectives: 

  1. intensify criminal investigations, prosecutions and connected interventions (e.g. confiscation, sanctions, digital);
  2. (thus) contribute to the prevention and discouragement of further migrant smuggling and/or human trafficking crimes by these and similar criminal networks.

The objectives are realized through: 

  1. The capacity building in the field of international legal cooperation and investigating illicit financial flows shaped in the form of training/workshops, support, guidance, sharing of best practice, supporting the improvement of procedures and organizational structures. The initial focus countries are Ethiopia and Niger.

B. An expert team. Through this expert team (working by way of regular meetings, daily contact, generous exchange of information, (legal) analysis, working visits to relevant (African) countries/organizations) cooperation between law enforcement/judicial agencies of EU-countries, African countries, EU-agencies and international organizations can effectively be coordinated, advocated, boosted and facilitated. The expert team will also direct/coordinate the capacity building activities mentioned above.


Project team

Anne Spanheim

Anne Spanheim

Senior Project Manager

Adriana Thomson

Adriana Thomson

Junior Project Manager

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