Peer 2 Peer: Service-oriented Courts in Western Ukraine

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Ukraine ranks low on confidence in the judiciary. Research shows that people in Ukraine 
deem their judiciary to be slow, partial and incompetent. On top of that, many Ukrainian 
respondents in questionnaires on judiciary performance indicate that they consider that 
the court system is inward-oriented and does not clearly show that it is there for the 
people, for justice seekers. 
CPLR, CILC and UCU have designed this project to address this issue (on a local scale) 
and to assist several pilot courts in Western Ukraine in adjusting their work processes, 
facilitating a way of working that responds more clearly to the desires and expectations 
of court users. 
The project focuses on strengthening the court system in the Western region of Ukraine. 
The project intends to work with at least two pilot courts in the Lviv region, at least one 
court in the Ternopil region and at least one court in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. The 
main idea is to fortify the position of these courts as a service provider and to bring 
them closer to the people. Courts need to work according to the highest professional 
standards, and court staff needs to be of integrity, but it doesn’t stop there. Courts need 
be transparent on how they work and how they do justice, simply because justice needs 
to be seen to be believed. Due attention to communication about the way a court works 
is of imminent importance to foster trust and confidence from the public. CPLR, CILC and 
UCU are convinced that a more open approach to media and the public at large will 
positively contribute to the perception of the court as a valuable government institution. 
The goal of the project is to strengthen the rule of law in Ukraine, by providing support to several District Courts 
in becoming more court-user oriented. 
This will be achieved by assessing the current state of play in the pilot courts, and by 
subsequently designing targeted workshops, trainings, a working visit to the 
Netherlands and at least two peer discussions on the core values of justice.


   Project team

Lino Brosius

Lino Brosius

Project Manager

Yana Ballod

Yana Ballod

Junior Project Manager

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