Core team

Willem van Nieuwkerk

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Eric Vincken

Deputy Director
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Lino Brosius

Senior Project Manager
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Eva Erren

Senior Project Manager
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Anne Spanheim

Senior Project Manager
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Adeline Tibakweitira

Project Manager
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Mavi Cristache

Quality Manager
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Yana Ballod

Junior Project Manager
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Rodica Malancea

Junior Project Manager
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Adriana Thomson

Junior Project Manager
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Manon Tiessink

Junior Project Manager
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Adrie van Dam

Financial Administrator
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Viresh Goerdin

Project Controller
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Lieselotte Heederik

CILC representative Indonesia

Pim Albers


Ela Goskun


Wybe Douma


Servaas Feiertag


Zlaty Mihailoff


Chris Moll


Tamara Takacs


Leo Tigges


Jos Uitdehaag


Ans Voordouw


Supervisory committee

Reinier van Zutphen


Winfried van den Muijsenbergh


Koos Richelle


Martin Kuijer


Albert de Groot


Bianca Lanza


Board of Partners

In our work we value and benefit from the strong links that anchor us in the Netherlands legal and justice sector. Building on these links, CILC has a Board of Partners through which our various Dutch institutional partners and legal professional groups can contribute to consultations on the thematic areas of international cooperation for strengthening rule of law. The Board of Partners also advises our Supervisory Committee on the planned activities of CILC and provides a sounding board for our ongoing work.

Reflecting the mission and activities of CILC, our Board of Partners is composed of persons appointed at the recommendation of various Dutch institutional partners (the Ministry of Security and Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Supreme Court, the Council for the Judiciary, the Board of Procurators General, the Training and Study Centre for the Judiciary, the law faculties of Dutch universities) and of legal professional groups.


Chair of the Board of Partners
Currently our Board of Partners is chaired by Elies van Sliedregt, Professor of International and Comparative Criminal Law at the University of Leeds.


CILC has a strong network of Dutch, European and local legal professionals, which allows us to rely on a pool of dedicated legal specialists and good practice models for each of our cooperation projects. We select our experts based on the competence and experience requirements of individual projects and assignments and we always aim to achieve a balance between Dutch, European and local expertise that best fits the needs of our beneficiaries / local partners.

More information about open positions can be found on the CILC LinkedIn discussion group.

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