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Doing international legal cooperation to promote rule of law




We manage and implement international cooperation projects aimed at strengthening justice systems and the rule of law throughout the world, in countries in development or in transition. We acquire these projects by competing for funding on the international donor market. We also provide services to Dutch government and executive agencies in the area of project and program management for justice and rule of law, including the promotion of The Hague, City of Peace and Justice.


We design projects

We believe that creating successful international legal cooperation projects requires experience, understanding of local needs and commitment to quality standards.

We manage projects

No matter the size of a project, we apply the same principles and standards of aid effectiveness and we focus on generating sustainable development.

We provide advice

On specific requests from donors or public institutions in our target countries, we conduct gaps and needs analysis. Our colleagues are often requested to moderate policy dialogues.


CILC wants to become a reliable link in the ever growing network of development organisations that apply the principles and tools of effective aid delivery. With the launch of our new website in November 2014 we publish detailed information about our projects in a more accessible and open manner.

For us this is a first step in the direction of becoming a contributor of development work information in open data format. The process on which we have embarked for this includes opening our data, monitoring quality and adjusting procedures internally, with the intention to actually publish to IATI as soon as we are ready.

Main office

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