Mandated body

CILC is a mandated body for the implementation of EU twinning projects on behalf of the Ministry of Security and Justice in the Netherlands.


What is a mandated body?

The purpose of conventional Twinning (TW) or Twinning Light (TWL) projects is strengthening the administrative capacity of public sector institutions and transposition of acquis communautaire. That is the reason why TW and TWL projects are usually implemented by public administrations. Although in some Member States, a part of public administration functions are being carried out by private subcontractors. Therefore in some cases the experience required by the Beneficiary Country can be gained from such non-administrative bodies.

As a result, the European Commission (EC) has determined qualification criteria for these institutions to act in lieu of public administrations. EC has established the List of Mandated Bodies authorised to take part in implementation of TW and TWL projects. The list (as of September 2017) is available here.


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