Our Partners

The Hague offers a rich array of closely networked Dutch organizations of proven expertise in promoting the rule of law and this encourages us to join “Dutch hands” in international development projects. However, our colleagues in the countries we work in also appreciate comparing experience from other countries. That is why we also invest more and more in building a European network and why we support the work of our sister organisations (national gateways devoted exclusively to international legal cooperation).

Our partners in the Netherlands


Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs is one of our most important donors. In addition to implementing projects funded from the various programmes of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, CILC also provides input on the opportunities and challenges encountered in our target countries which can contribute to the design of Dutch government international development aid programmes.
Ministry of Justice and Security

CILC is a “mandated body” for the implementation of EU twinning projects on behalf of the Ministry of Justice and Security in the Netherlands. This means that we prepare applications and implement twinning projects in the justice sector on behalf of the Ministry of Justice. Since 2011 we have been working in twinning projects in Albania, Croatia, Georgia and Turkey.

Academy for Legislation

The Academy for Legislation is our long standing partner in projects involving the provision of training on legislative drafting.


Supreme Court of the Netherlands
The Supreme Court of the Netherlands is involved in the support we provide to the judicial sector in Indonesia.
Council for the Judiciary

The Netherlands Council for the Judiciary

Public Prosecution Service

The Public Prosecution Service has played a key role in our projects in the Western Balkans.

Training and Study Centre for the Judiciary
We also draw on the experience and good practices of the Dutch Training and Study Centre for the Judiciary in all projects that include training for judges and prosecutors.
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