Moldova // Stepping up cooperation

On Monday 17 November CILC participated in a visibility event to launch the increase of the EU technical assistance to the justice sector reform in Moldova. During the event held at a congress center in down town Chișinău, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova, Mr Iurie Leancă and the Head of Mission of the Delegation of the European Union, Mr Pirkka Tapiola presented the comprehensive justice reform Moldova is implementing since 2011. The European Union supports Moldova’s efforts in this reform initiative by providing direct budgetary support for its implementation, as well as by facilitating technical assistance and twinning support to various institutions and agencies in the Moldovan justice sector.

The launch focused on the three new technical assistance projects that aim to support the implementation of sustainable reforms of the justice sector in Moldova and to increase the efficiency of the judiciary and justice sector agencies.

Following the opening remarks, the representatives of project stakeholders, including judges, prosecutors, probation officers and penitentiary workers, as well as Moldovan media representatives, were addressed by the team leaders of the three projects – Mr Carsten Mahnke introduced the audience to the Increased efficiency, accountability and transparency of courts project, and Mr Gerassimos Fourlanos spoke about the Pre-trial investigation, prosecution and defense set-up project.

Mr Graham Johnson – CILC’s team leader of the project Support to the enforcement, probation and rehabilitation systems presented the projects’ key objective, its purposes and its vision.

Graham Johnson: The focus that I and my team will apply is to provide tailored expertise and support to the Moldovan sector institutions involved in the enforcement, probation and rehabilitation processes. We do this in the belief that we can facilitate change and enable beneficiaries and counterparts through a sustained peer-to-peer approach.

CILC is proud to contribute to all three technical assistance projects – the project that focuses on the execution of civil and criminal judgments in lead position, and the other two on courts and pre-trail investigation and prosecution as a consortium partner. As CILC works on all three concurrent projects, it is in a good position to ensure the best possible alignment of activities.

In addition to its role in the mentioned EU projects, CILC also assists Moldova in the framework of a bilateral Dutch-Moldovan cooperation trajectory. More information on the bilateral cooperation implemented by CILC is available here.

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