Opening of Legislative drafting seminar in Indonesia


Within the framework of Indonesian–Dutch legal cooperation a seminar for legislative drafters took place in Jakarta between 4 and 7 July 2011.

On Monday, 4 July 2011, the opening session of the seminar took place in the presence of the Netherlands State Secretary for European Affairs and International Cooperation, Dr. Ben Knapen, the Netherlands Ambassador to Indonesia, Mr. Tjeerd de Zwaan, and the Director-General for Legislation of the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Dr. Wahiduddin Adams. During the seminar, the participating legislative drafters of the Indonesian Ministry of Justice discussed a number of major challenges to the Indonesian legislative process: vertical harmonization, horizontal harmonization, the input of civil society in the legislative process, and the applicable tools for the legislative drafters. The discussion was preceded by introductions and presentations by a number of distinguished experts from Indonesia and the Netherlands. On the second and third day of the seminar participants dealt with some concrete assignments on vertical and horizontal harmonization.


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