Enhancing the efficiency, accountability and transparency of the Judicial Council of North Macedonia

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Start: 01-09-2020

End: 28-02-2025

Project description


The project aims to enhance the efficiency, accountability, and transparency of the Judicial Council of North Macedonia through collaboration with the Center for International Legal Cooperation (CILC), the Council for the Judiciary of the Netherlands (CfJ), and the Judicial Council of North Macedonia (JC). The project is developed within the Matra “government to government” grant policy framework, focusing on strengthening the rule of law by building the capacities of government institutions in pre-accession countries.

The key objectives include improving the functioning of the Judicial Council by engaging expertise from the CfJ through peer-to-peer exchanges with counterparts in North Macedonia. Activities are organized in both countries to foster mutual trust and understanding, building on previous cooperation experiences. The project emphasizes the importance of stakeholder engagement, with consultations held with various institutions and stakeholders in North Macedonia.

Key deliverables include enhancing the efficiency, accountability, and transparency of the Judicial Council, with a focus on capacity building, peer discussions, and trainings for judges and court staff. The project will establish a Project Steering Committee to oversee implementation progress and ensure stakeholder involvement. Monitoring and evaluation tools will be developed to track project outcomes and make necessary adjustments.

Overall, the project strengthens institutional relationships between the Judicial Councils of the Netherlands and North Macedonia, contributing to judicial reform efforts in the latter and fostering bilateral relations between the two countries. Through targeted interventions and collaborative efforts, the project aims to achieve sustainable improvements in the functioning of the Judicial Council, ultimately enhancing the rule of law and justice sector in North Macedonia.


Project team

Emily van Rheenen

Emily van Rheenen

Senior Project Manager

Diana Navarrete

Diana Navarrete

Project Manager

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