EU Support for Rule of Law

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Start: 08-05-2023

End: 07-11-2026

This project is a strategic initiative aimed at strengthening the rule of law in the Republic of North Macedonia. The project is designed to support vital institutions operating in the fields of justice, law enforcement, anti-corruption efforts, and the promotion and protection of fundamental and human rights. It aims to enhance their capacities, effectiveness, and impact through a multifaceted approach.

The project spans a duration of 42 months and is structured around four specific objectives:
1) Enhancing the capacities of justice institutions to deliver justice in a transparent and accountable manner. This involves strengthening the infrastructure, training programs, and operational frameworks to ensure efficient judicial processes.

2) Strengthening the capacities for implementing modern investigation techniques to combat organized crime effectively. This includes training law enforcement personnel, introducing advanced investigative tools, and fostering collaboration between different agencies.

3) Enhancing prevention and combatting measures against corruption through awareness campaigns, policy reforms, and capacity-building initiatives. This objective aims to create a more transparent and accountable governance system.

4) Enhancing the protection of fundamental rights by implementing policies, legal frameworks, and awareness programs that safeguard the rights of citizens.

CILC is in charge of implementing activities in Component 1. For more information about the project, please visit its official website: Homepage – Rolaw – EU Support for Rule of Law



Project team

Eric Vincken

Eric Vincken

Senior Project Manager

Diana Navarrete

Diana Navarrete

Project Manager

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