Towards strengthening the Special Prosecution Office

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Albania: ongoing

Start: 01-10-2022

End: 31-12-2024

Project description


Since the establishment of the Special Anti-Corruption and Organized Crime Structure (SPAK) in Albania, the Special Prosecution Office (SPO) has faced a steady increase in caseload. This project aims to strengthen the effectiveness and efficiency of the special prosecutors by assess and strengthening its operation.

The project aims to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of SPO’s structure, task allocation, workflow, and IT systems. Building upon previous work by projects like EURALIUS V, the assessment will involve key stakeholders from SPO. Following this, recommendations for improvement will be developed, covering policy advice, training, mentoring, and potential legislative amendments. The project also proposes practical interventions such as study visits and equipment procurement.

The ultimate goal is to enhance the SPO’s efficiency, allowing prosecutors to focus more on their core responsibilities and less on administrative burdens. By doing so, the project anticipates an overall improvement in the performance of SPAK, contributing to a more effective fight against organized crime and corruption. Moreover, the project aims to set a precedent for similar structural enhancements within regular Public Prosecution Offices in Albania, potentially leading to broader systemic improvements in the future.



Project team

Emily van Rheenen

Emily van Rheenen

Senior Project Manager

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