Slovenia // Workshop: Towards a better public image

‘Towards a better public image’. That was the title of a 3-day workshop for 25 Slovenian prosecutors and organized by CILC. The Slovenian prosecution wants to adopt a more pro-active communication approach. Being an important pillar for the rule of law it feels an obligation to inform the public about its work and the media are an important intermediary to reach out to the public. The workshop was focusing on providing the prosecutors with practical skills to do so. Guided by two trainers (a Dutch media expert and a spokesperson from the Netherlands Prosecution Service), the prosecutors enjoyed in small groups from camera training and learned how to identify cases that might be of interest to the media, how to work with the media and how to formulate key messages. The workshop was given to two different groups in two sessions: one on 9-11 May and one 25-27 May.

The workshops were organised within the project “Improving consistency of sentencing in Criminal Proceedings” funded by the European Commission.

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