The Hague // CILC Seminar 2016

By Lino Brosius 

CILC organised a seminar to discuss challenges and opportunities related to measuring the impact of rule of law initiatives on the 6th and 7th of October 2016 in The Hague. The seminar brought together representatives from our Dutch and international partner organisations, as well as several CILC associates and individual legal and public administration experts.

Following an introduction about why it is necessary to include impact measurement in rule of law projects, breakout sessions allowed participants to discuss and map out common challenges in assessing the extent to which our projects are effective. After this mapping exercise, the breakout groups looked at ways to operationalise opportunities; identifying and exploring good practices in M&E and impact measurement.

The joint teamwork continued in the evening of the 6th of October at the Keizer Culinair, where participants were split into several teams to ensure that the three-course Italian dinner had the right impact as well.

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