Supply of Impact Assessment, Evaluation and Evaluation related services in the area of Migration and Home Affairs



Project description


European Union (Frontex) and European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) with timely evidence-based services of an intellectual nature to support its impact assessment, evaluation and evaluation related activities. 
The contract covers impact assessment, evaluation and evaluation related services to be carried out in the Migration and Home Affairs area, which includes the following policies (non-exhaustive list): 
– Legal immigration and integration of third country nationals; 
– Irregular migration and return;
– Asylum; 
– Visa; 
– Management of the EU external borders; 
– Large-scale IT systems (SIS, VIS, etc.); 
– Crisis management and fight against terrorism; 
– Fight against crime; 
– Trafficking in human beings; 
– Police cooperation and access to information; 
– Anti-Drugs policies; 
– Research, innovation and industry for security aspects; 
– International aspects of the above-mentioned policies, such as: 
– understanding migration flows and demographic developments and comparisons with other third countries’ migration policies;
– promotion of EU values, interests, standards and best practices through cooperation with third countries; 
– conclusion of bilateral and multilateral agreements with partner countries and organisations; 
– establishment of operational cooperation with partner countries and organisations, including via the HOME agencies; 
– support to EU policies and capacity-building of third countries’ authorities through efficient use of HOME funds; 
– ensuring coherence and complementarity between HOME funds and EU external cooperation instruments.


Project team

Anne Spanheim

Anne Spanheim

Senior Project Manager

Manon Tiessink

Manon Tiessink

Junior Project Manager

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