ANBI status

CILC is registered as a Dutch public benefit organisation and is therefore able to benefit from ANBI regulations. Among other things, this entails that we can receive private donations to support our work.


The promotion and protection of the Rule of Law in Europe and throughout the world requires commitment and support from the citizens of Europe. Much of our work is funded by governments – mostly the Netherlands government – and by the European Commission. These bodies however expect us not to be fully dependent on their funding, and it is our own objective to remain financially independent of any single current or future donor.


Due to our ANBI status, donations to CILC are tax-deductible in the Netherlands.


Please send your donation to bank account number NL48ABNA 0464353343 of CILC. For international transfers please use:


CILC, The Hague
IBAN: NL48ABNA 0464353343
RSIN: 8026.85.560


Remuneration policy

The remuneration policy of the foundation CILC is there to reward according to criteria that are common in the semi-public and the development aid sector. Criteria that are socially acceptable and justified in keeping up with our status as a public benefit organisation (algemeen nut beogende instelling).

CILC applies a salary structure that is laid down in the CILC employment charter (rechtspositieregeling).


Remuneration policy Supervisory committee

The members of the Supervisory committee receive no compensation for their work.


Remuneration policy Board

The remuneration of the Board also falls within the scales of the CILC employment charter. The salaries of the Board (Willem van Nieuwkerk and Eric Vincken) remain well under the provisions of the Compensation Act Senior officials of public and semi-public sector (Wet Bezoldiging Topfunctionarissen publieke en semipublieke sector (WNT). The WNT has set the boundaries when the Supervisory committee determines the salaries of the members of the Board. The Supervisory committee takes inter alia into account the individual experience and the remuneration received in previous functions.


Policy plan

CILC has chosen a range of practical solutions to support international legal cooperation and promoting a rule of law. By the end of 2018, we established a policy plan for the period 2020-2021. A summary of this plan can be found here.
Read more about how we translate this policy into actions in our annual financial reports and the news items on the CILC website.

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