CILC stories provide outsiders with a unique insight into a project organisation that has been tirelessly promoting international legal cooperation and rule of law capacity building since 1985. With global reach and local footprint, the stories reflect what CILC does, how it does this in practice and why it does what it does. Key people from inside CILC and knowledgeable outsiders shine their light on where it all began, how CILC has developed and reinvented over the years and why it continues to remain relevant today.

The series of stories has been published since 2015, as part of celebrating 30 years since the establishment of our organisation. The interviews were conducted by Marjolein C. Groot.

Inside CILC: An EU seconded prosecutor in the Balkans

“The real difference you make is by creating connections. Prosecutors in the Balkans will get to know their counterparts in EU member states. That is something that will remain after the project has ended. To me, in the long run, this is the way for international...

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Inside CILC: Improving legal education in Palestine

Unlike previous ones, this CILC story takes place on the road. It’s the story of a journey through the West Bank and East-Jerusalem, accompanying CILC director Willem van Nieuwkerk on his first steps in a new project on legal education. The Palestine mission agenda is...

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Inside CILC: The art of legislative capacity building

“During the meeting, demonstrations were taking place outside. The first thing the Speaker of Parliament asked us was how he could put an end to these. I replied that to me, that was a difficult question indeed. After all, people do have a right to freedom of speech...

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Inside CILC: Looking ahead

“You can bring to other countries what you consider of importance and ascertain whether it is of benefit to the receiving country. However, you ought to return with something, too. For example, it can be of quite some benefit if a judge involved in Dutch social...

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Inside CILC: On the road with human rights expert Martin Kuijer

“The judge told me this notion of independence I had mentioned was ‘very interesting’. However, he ought to clarify one thing. Did he understand it correctly that it involved that one does not consult with the party bureau first, before ruling a case? Quickly, I...

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Celebrating 30 years of CILC

On 9 July it became rather crowded in our new office on Spui 1 in The Hague. This was due to seventy-something current and former CILC staff and directors, colleagues, partners and esteemed guests from the Netherlands and abroad coming together to raise a glass to 30...

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