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Start: 06-06-2018

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End: 31-12-2019

Project description


Latest developments have led to increased hope, and momentum, regarding the fight against corruption in Tunisia. INLUCC has developed an ambitious national strategy 2016-2020 and action plan 2017-2018, which the organisation can probably not implement without significant and concerted external assistance. INLUCC still lacks the required knowledge and expertise to efficiently combat corruption and has therefore requested the assistance and support of the international community. 
A cooperation project on anti-corruption between the Netherlands and Tunisia should serve a purpose with impact that will be relevant and valuable regardless whether INLUCC still exists in 12 months or will have been succeeded by the Constitutional Commission. 

The main issue INLUCC wishes to address is strengthening INLUCCs capacity in its communications with the population. This would need to include the strengthening of the communication components of the national strategy 2016-2020 and its implementation, the definition of a communication plan and the implementation of an actual campaign. 

The overall objective of the project is to strengthen relations between the Dutch government and Tunisian government. 

The role of the Dutch contractor is to: 
• Assist with the review and elaboration of the Communication Strategy to further enhance analysis of the context and strengthen the visibility of INLUCC and its anti-corruption work among the population and key stakeholders. 
• Assist with the definition and elaboration of a communication implementation plan for the period 2018-2019, which also includes the collection of required data to inform such a plan. 
• Assist with the development and implementation of a concrete media campaign to be implemented over the course of 2017-2018 to raise the awareness of the population on corruption, what their rights are (including the dissemination in understandable language of new laws, such as the whistle-blower protection law), how they can resist it and who can assist them to take action on concrete cases. The project should coach INLUCC staff in the communications department in all aspects of the work throughout the implementation of the project. 

At the end of the cooperation between INLUCC and the Netherlands, the relevant Tunisian staff will have: 
– performed a review and elaboration of a communication strategy 
– defined a communication implementation plan for the period 2018 and 2019 and the operationalization thereof 
– designed and assisted in implementation of a media campaign to raise the awareness of the population on anti-corruption measures, and legislation.


Project team

Anne Spanheim

Anne Spanheim

Senior Project Manager

Eva Erren

Eva Erren

Senior Project Manager

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