Capacity development in higher legal education



Palestine: ungoing

Start: 01 June 2015

  • Elapsed 52%

End: 31 May 2019

Project description

The purpose of this project is to help enhance the educational offer of the An Najah National University, Birzeit University, Al Quds University, Hebron University and of the Palestinian Judicial Institute. An Najah National University leads the other four Palestinian partners, and is the counterpart for CILC.

The focus of the project is on developing modern and gender sensitive legal training curricula, based on the current needs of the Palestinian labour market. In addition, the project will promote the use of modern teaching methodologies and enhance the teaching skills of faculties through tailor made trainings and exchange visits. The project also aims to strengthen cooperation between the five targeted education institutions and the Palestinian Bar Association, as well as foster stronger links between law faculties in the West Bank and in Gaza.


Project team

Willem van Nieuwkerk

Willem van Nieuwkerk

Project Director

Mavi Cristache

Mavi Cristache

Project Coordinator

Marja Mollema

Marja Mollema

Project Officer in Palestine

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