Bhutan // Training on document management and archiving for projects



On 20 January, fourteen staff members of the National Council Secretariat of Bhutan challenged me to test their patience and courtesy with a journey into the document management and archiving underbelly of the project world. Everyone involved thought that we were going to spend that day in ‘s-Hertogenbosch at CINOP Global exploring dos and don’ts related to this particular aspect of information management. What we ended up doing instead was first quickly agree that we were all aware of most challenges and pitfalls related to sharing written and multimedia information within and among teams. Then we enjoyed the day by exploring together the limits of group work and creativity in defining the context and specific challenges of archive and document sharing and management at an institution that spearheads the fascinating democratisation process of Bhutan. The opportunity to work with this delegation during their study visit to the Netherlands, as part of a Nuffic funded tailor made training, was a privilege.

Mavi Cristache



More information about this study visit is available from CINOP Global here.
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