Palestine // CILC continues support to the public prosecution

Mateen continues to support the Palestinian Public Prosecution Service for three additional months in 2014

In late October 2013 a final external evaluation of the Mateen project “Support to the Palestinian Public Prosecution Service” was conducted. The team of Dutch and Palestinian evaluators concluded that Mateen successfully contributed to the development of the Palestinian public prosecution in the last four years. Their assessment covered the entire scope of the project’s intervention, including the following positive outcomes:

  • The introduction of a new system of filing and archiving cases, the purging of the backlogged files and seized objects, as well as the focus on enforcement files;
  • The unification of workflows and administrative procedures at the various public prosecution offices and the introduction of a manual on administrative procedures;
  • The introduction of the Mizan 2 IT system at all public prosecution offices, which allows for an automated case flow and case management and for the electronic referral of files from the public prosecution to the courts;
  • Training and coaching of the administrative staff and the public prosecutors; peer mentoring for Palestinian experts of the public prosecution by international and Arab colleagues.

The evaluators recommended an extension of Mateen for three additional months in 2014, which will allow the project team to finalise postponed activities and to wrap up the project in a sound and sustainable manner. The Netherlands Representative Office approved the extension in early 2014 and CILC continues implementing the remainder of project activities.

In addition, CILC has begun the development of a mechanism for monitoring the sustainability of the systems and procedures introduced by Mateen and is engaged in continued dialogue with the Attorney General Office and the JSAP project, which will take over providing support to Palestinian public prosecution offices after 31 March 2014.

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