Population: 3,6 million
GDP per capita: $ 2.230
source: World Bank

Overall Rule of Law score: 0,45/1
Global rank: 75/99
Regional rank: 11/13
source: World Justice Project – Rule of Law Index 2014

Local time:


Current situation

Situated between Romania and Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova emerged as an independent republic following the collapse of the USSR in 1991. Moldova struggles with the consequences of its dependence on Russia for energy supplies and of the still unresolved status of the breakaway Transnistrian region.

There have been many positive changes in recent years, in particular in relation to economic recovery, poverty reduction and democratic governance. Key reforms in the justice sector and decentralisation underpinned progress on the path of the country’s European integration. However, further progress is needed to ensure sustainability of economic growth, and to attract foreign investments.

Moldova has made good progress in its dialogue with the EU. An Association Agreement, aimed to deepen political and economic relations between Moldova and the EU, and geared towards gradually integrating Moldova into the EU Internal Market was signed in June 2014.

The Association Agreement also constitutes a reform agenda for Moldova, of which the justice sector reform is key. CILC and its implementing partners are proud to contribute this reform effort that focuses on strengthening the independence, accountability, impartiality and efficiency of the judicial system, on streamlining the pre-judicial investigation process and on ensuring an effective access to justice.


CILC in Moldova

CILC has been active in Moldova since 1996, and has over the years worked on supporting Moldova’s judicial development, assisting with the improvement of the legislative framework and court administration. As of 2014 CILC is back in the framework of three parallel EU funded technical assistance projects, next to a bilateral Dutch-Moldovan initiative.

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