Moldova // Probation officers discuss working practice with Dutch colleagues



by Rodica Malancea

Diagnosis and advice, writing pre-trial reports and designing tailored supervision plans were among the topics of this study visit from 13 until 16 June 2018 of five professionals from the Moldovan National Probation Inspectorate. The Moldovan colleagues visited The Hague to exchange experiences with their peers from the Dutch Probation Service. The visit was organised in the framework of the EU funded project “Support to the enforcement, probation and rehabilitation systems in Moldova” that is implemented by CILC in collaboration with its partners. Since 2014, this project aims to strengthen the Moldovan justice system and to assist the government of Moldova in the implementation of the strategy for justice sector reform, a comprehensive effort for restructuring parts of the justice system.

Over the past years CILC and its partners have organised numerous skills trainings for professionals in the Moldovan probation and penitentiary systems, provided policy advice on probation and detention issues, advocated for and fostered effective working relations between all actors in the criminal justice chain. This study visit aimed at facilitating peer discussions on how to organise probation work effectively and efficiently. How can we strike the right balance between punishment, care and guidance for offenders?

Moldovan delegation at the Central Probation Service in Utrecht

The visit took the form of formal presentations, discussions and site visits on topics including the partnerships of the Dutch probation service with organisations from civil society and its governance structure. Furthermore, the delegation got acquainted with probation processes in the Netherlands, including early intervention, diagnosis and risk assessment. The Moldovan professionals also discussed pre-trial advice reports for court hearings, cooperation with the prosecution, the use of electronic monitoring practiced in the Netherlands, community service sentences, and the specific work with juvenile offenders. The site visits included the exchange of knowledge between the participants and their peers at the headquarters of the Dutch Probation Service in Utrecht, NGO organisations such as Dutch Halt programme which is aimed at combating and preventing juvenile crime, as well as COSA, aimed at facilitating the safe re-integration of sex offenders into society.

The purpose of the Moldovan delegation’s visit to the Netherlands was to give them an overview of the work of the Dutch Probation Sector and to assist with the development of probation practices in Moldova. The Moldovan participants indicated that their visit was a very positive experience! We look forward to see how the knowledge gained during the visit will be used back in their home country.

  Photo courtesy of NHC







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