Population: 37,6 million
GDP per capita: $ 572
source: World Bank
Overall Rule of Law score: 0,41/1
Global rank: 90/99
Regional rank: 15/18
source: World Justice Project – Rule of Law Index 2014

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Current situation

Since the late 1980s Uganda has rebounded from civil war and economic catastrophe to become relatively peaceful, stable and prosperous. The country is currently governed under a multiparty system, under which it has held two elections (2006 and 2011). The past two decades have seen the Ugandan economy experience sustained growth, ranking the third highest growth rate recorded in Sub-Saharan Africa during this period.


Uganda has won praise for its vigorous campaign against HIV/Aids. This has helped to reduce the prevalence of the virus to single-digit figures. The country has also gained international attention for its hardening anti-homosexual attitudes, culminating in anti-gay legislation introduced in 2014.


Uganda is an important partner for the European Union’s efforts to promote peace and stability in East Africa, particularly in Somalia. In regular political dialogue meetings at all levels, the EU and Uganda discuss regional stability and peace, democracy and human rights as well as transparency and economic and social development.


CILC in Uganda

CILC has been active in Uganda between 2005 and 2014 and has provided support to the Ugandan justice sector institutions in key areas such as legal education, law enforcement and good governance.


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