Croatia // Study visit of Judicial Academy to Spain


By Ingrid de Haer with input from Sandi Valentic and Sanda Hrsto

A group of 8 judges, 2 state attorneys, 2 Judicial Academy representatives and the Resident Twinning Advisor Language Assistant visited Spain (Barcelona, Madrid and Segovia) for a study visit between 2 – 6 October 2017. This study visit took place as part of the Twinning project “Enhancing the quality of judicial training – by upgrading EU law and on-line trainings” (CRO EULAW) HR/14/IB/JH/03.” The overall aim of the study visit was to exchange good practices regarding delivery of on-line trainings in the framework of the project and to visit institutions which are dealing with legal trainings for judges and prosecutors in Spain.

The delegation visited the Spanish Judicial School for the Judiciary in Barcelona. The Director of the School addressed the participants and they were shown the premises which are situated on the hill above Barcelona. The Spanish Judicial School for the Judiciary is a part of the General Council of the Judiciary which is located in Madrid. The School is in charge of initial training for future judges. Education lasts for 2 years and the main topic is how to apply theoretical knowledge to practical problems. After the final exam, all trained participants become judges. The participants discussed the access system to the Judiciary and how the teaching programmes are organized (Civil jurisdiction in EU area, Criminal jurisdiction in EU area).

In Madrid the participants visited the Continues Training Service. The Continues Training Service is also part of the General Council of the Judiciary but is in charge of continuous training for judges. They offer on-line trainings as part of the programme.

The participants also visited the Supreme Court of Spain. The Supreme Court is based in Madrid and is a unique jurisdictional body in Spain with jurisdiction throughout national territory, constituting the highest court in all areas (Civil, Criminal, Administrative and Social).

At the Centre for Legal Studies in Madrid, the participants were informed about the organization, regulation and competencies of the Centre. The Centre is in charge of initial and continuous training for state prosecutors and other stakeholders.
A representative from the Prosecutor’s office gave a presentation about the role of General Prosecutor’s Office. Various topics were discussed such as innovative aspects in the Continuous Training Plan, Initial Training Plan and Online training plan including e-Learning platform.

At the Provincial Court of Segovia the participants met the President of the Court (who is also involved as short-term expert in the Twinning project), who gave presentations about the organization and jurisdiction of the Court as well as on-line trainings for judges, since he is taking part in it as author of materials and as a mentor.

During the study visit the participants had the opportunity to discuss various topics concerning the training methodology and on-line trainings for judges and state attorneys. Some of the participants are already experienced trainers, but for the majority of them, on-line trainings are a new methodology. As a result of all experiences throughout the study visit, the participants got familiar how to use modern training methodologies in training delivery.

We would like to thank the visited institutions for their warm welcome and their contribution to a successful study visit.


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