EC Framework Contract Beneficiaries 2013-2015

CILC is a member of the EEIG (ICE) led consortium, that was selected for Lot 7 (Governance and Home Affairs) of the EC Multiple Framework contract for short term technical assistance in the exclusive benefit of countries benefiting from the EC external aid (EuropeAid/132633/C/SER/multi).

This Framework contract is designed to provide short-term technical assistance for any stage of the project cycle at short notice for the exclusive benefit of third countries receiving external aid (i.e. countries in the Balkans, Caribbean, Central and South-East Asia, EU Neighbourhood region, Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Pacific).

Willem van Nieuwkerk (CILC Director) is one of the four technical directors that form the management team of the EEIG (ICE) consortium for Lot 7 of this Framework contract.

If you are interested in registering as a potential short-term expert for Framework Contract assignments, please submit your update CV (preferably in the EuropeAid format) to the following email address: You can also register on the CILC linkedin discussion group.

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