The Hague // First interactive course on leadership for Turkish participants

The Matra CoPROL Leadership Programme for Security and Rule of Law is a 3-year project that is implemented by VNG International, The Hague Academy for Local Governance, PBLQ/ROI, and CILC.

On 29 January 2014 the first 10-day interactive course on leadership has started for participants from Turkey. During this course, CILC has organised a day on rule of law and leadership in the judiciary in the Netherlands (30 January 2014).

The day’s agenda included of several expert talks and a visit to the Ministry of Security and Justice. Discussions centered on the concept of the rule of law, migration and the role of the government and continued with with an extended part on immigration, bureaucracy and government chain management. The case of the Russian asylum seeker Alexander Dolmatov was thoroughly discussed to illustrate┬átheoretical considerations. In the afternoon the development of leadership in the senior civil service was explained, as well as the Dutch individual leadership programme. Court management and the independence of courts were also addressed. A lively discussion on leadership in the top civil service and courts came up during which a comparison with the Turkish system was made. Lastly, the delegation visited the department for European and International Affairs of the Ministry of Security and Justice and was introduced to the Dutch judicial sector and the different departments of the Ministry of Security and Justice.

Key speakers: Prof. Van Krieken, Mr. Bravo (both migration experts), Mr. Mulders (HRM expert), Mr. Van Zutphen (president of the Dutch High Court for Trade and Industry), Mr. Terstegen, Mr. Lek (Director and senior policy officer at the European and International Affairs Department of the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice).

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