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How can we ensure that people stick to the traffic rules? What can we do to prevent bullying at schools? What measures can we adopt to reduce domestic violence? How can we ensure that all 270 million inhabitants of Indonesia understand the law and abide by the law?

These are amongst the daily questions that the Ministry of Law’s legal disseminators must answer. They go into the neighbourhoods to visit schools and attend community events. This is not an easy job and it’s important that these legal disseminators get properly trained.

[Group picture of the trainers and participants] [picture interactive learning]

CILC has, for the third time, trained a group of twenty trainers and legal disseminators to help them prepare a new training module for legal disseminators and to prepare them for the challenges that they face in their role as legal disseminators. At the same time, participants got familiar, in a playful manner with new teaching forms: role-playing, quizzes, yells, dancing and brainstorms. The participants discovered how to design, conduct and coach a programme for their future trainees by undergoing the same approach first themselves.

 During three afternoons the participants designed their legal dissemination projects and the results were quite impressive! In the end, each of the four groups presented their projects on respective bullying, contract disputes for daily laborers, human trafficking and labor problems for construction workers by using a whole gamut of tools. The CILC trainers were excited about the presentation, all of which were useful, interesting and (importantly) interactive!

 The video below, created during the training, gives a good impression of the atmosphere during the training. Please note that the video is in Bahasa.

[ This video was made by one of the participants of the training. ]

This project was funded by Nuffic Tailor Made Training Programme. The training was created and given by expert trainers Lieselotte Heederik and Henk Frencken.


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