Tunisia // Integrity project: Dutch-Tunisian cooperation


On 26 September 2018, CILC presented to INLUCC (Instance Nationale de Lutte Contre la Corruption) and the Dutch Embassy in Tunis the main findings, conclusions and recommendations of the baseline study. INLUCC operates in a volatile environment and during the implementation of the project the transition from INLUCC to IBOGOLUCC (Instance de la Bonne Gouvernance et de la Lutte Contre la Corruption) may well take place. Therefore, there is a momentum to support the reinforcement of INLUCC’s communication function.



Ton Lansink, the Dutch Ambassador in Tunis, is very pleased that this project is implemented by CILC, “their trusted partner” in Tunisia.

The presentation was followed by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between INLUCC and the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) supports the MoU through the “Integrity Tunisia” project implemented by CILC. The project operates within a government-to-government framework with the purpose to strengthen relations between the Dutch and Tunisian governments. Its main objective is to support INLUCC in enhancing its communications with the population at large. CILC experts support with reviewing the communication strategy and developing public information campaigns. CILC will also deliver training and coaching to the Communication Department of INLUCC.

This project will run until the end of 2019.

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