Judicial Studies Institute, Uganda


“Curriculum development reaches completion; First course delivery to be expected”

Curriculum development is the core business of the NUFFIC-funded project aiming to strengthen the Judicial Studies Institute in Kampala, Uganda (2009-2012). Currently the development of twelve new courses is reaching completion. Since mid-2010, a team of highly motivated course developers, most of them part-time lecturers from within the Judiciary, has developed these courses under the supervision of a Uganda expert in education and didactics and a Dutch expert from Utrecht University in legal curriculum development and teaching. The courses are primarily skills-based and cover a wide variety of relevant topics, including judgment drafting, criminal procedure, ethics and integrity, ICT for judicial and non-judicial officers, and communication skills. A testing phase concerning the delivery of five selected courses is expected to take place in the first half of 2012. Steps will also be undertaken to guarantee the further implementation of course delivery after the project ends.

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