Kazakhstan // The function of punishment and rehabilitation in prison

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On Thursday 27 June 2019, three students of the law faculty of the M. Auezov South Kazakhstan State University visited CILC to discuss probation measures in criminal justice and rehabilitation efforts in Dutch penitentiary institutions. Their visit, organised by Penal Reform International in Central Asia, was part of a 6-day study tour to the Netherlands – a price for a research project that these students worked on in the academic year 2018 – 2019. The topic of this research was: improving the mechanisms in Kazakhstan for the re-socialization of persons convicted of grave criminal offences. Senior project manager Lino Brosius presented CILC’s work on probation and rehabilitation in Eastern and Southeastern Europe. Following an update from the students on recent developments in Kazakhstan, including the transition to a new President and its effects, the discussion centred on the function of punishment and the use of prison as a last resort. The students see a slow yet steady development process in various state sectors over the past years in Kazakhstan, and they underlined the importance of continued efforts for improving the living conditions in their country. The CILC manager was impressed by the presentations of the students and their dedication to help enhance the service level of the governmental and justice sectors in Kazakhstan.

All pictures courtesy of Penal Reform International in Central Asia

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