Kosovo // New Twinning project started

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On 1 February 2016, upon arrival of the Resident Twinning Adviser, Mr. Klaus Erdmann, the implementation period of the EU Twinning¬†project in Kosovo “Further support to legal education reform – KS14IBJH02” started. The project will be running for 30 months.

From the German side the Twinning project will be implemented by the German Foundation for International Legal Cooperation (IRZ) and The Netherlands is represented by the Center for International Legal Cooperation (CILC). In the implementation of the project, CILC will work in close cooperation with the Netherlands Training and Study Center for the Judiciary (SSR).

The project purpose is to strengthen the judiciary through strengthening the capacities of the Kosovo Judicial Institute. The aim of the project is to achieve in cooperation with the KJI the following 2 results:

Result 1: Advanced training capacities of the KJI

  • Interdisciplinary and personal competencies in training programs further developed
  • Orientation programs improved
  • Commercial, administrative and serious crimes curricula advanced
  • Training skills and methodologies of KJI improved

Result 2: Enhanced management of the KJI

  • Management and Planning by the KJI enhanced
  • Information Management System of the KJI enhanced

A warm welcome for Mr. Klaus Erdmann and his team in the project office in KJI, Pristina.


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