Kosovo // Twinning project team meeting in the Netherlands



On 15 February the Kosovo Twinning project team came together at the Netherlands Stichting Studiecentrum Rechtspleging (SSR) – the Study and Training Center for the Netherlands Judiciary in Utrecht. In the framework of the project “Further support to legal education reform” presentations were given about the initial training for prosecutors and judges in The Netherlands and also the collaboration in the project was discussed.

On 16 February a meeting was held at the CILC office in The Hague on the “Further support to legal education reform” Twinning project in Kosovo that started on 1 February 2016.

IRZ Member state partner representative Christian Schuster, CILC Project Leader on behalf of the Junior Partner Eric Vincken, Project Leader Christine Jacobi, Resident Twinning Advisor Klaus Erdmann, short-term expert Zlaty Mihailova and CILC Project Officer Ingrid de Haer discussed the general assessment of the legal and institutional project environment, the project approach and allocation of experts.

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