Landgraaf // Exchanging experiences in managing EU service contracts

For most of our respective organisations’ histories, CILC and IRZ have been working together in projects throughout Central and Eastern Europe and beyond. The past year saw increased cooperation in a number of successful bids for EU funded projects. At present CILC and IRZ are cooperating in Albania, Kosovo, Moldova and Turkey. Further joint bids for EU funded projects are in preparation. In 2014 we also started an exchange of experiences and challenges in acquiring and managing technical assistance projects.

This exchange continued in 2015 with a two day seminar in Landgraaf on 15 and 16 June. A whole range of aspects of managing EU service contracts were discussed in an open and constructive way: the inception phase, expert management, progress monitoring (both financial and substantive), as well as meeting client expectations.






It is the belief of both CILC and IRZ  people that jointly we can reach greater heights – as is illustrated by the picture below, taken at the longest stairs of the Netherlands in Landgraaf.

Landgraaf 2015-06


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