Montenegro // Developing a module on probation and alternative sanctions



By Lino Brosius

On Wednesday 1st of February, Dutch and Montenegrin experts have started designing the future training programme on probation and alternative sanctions for the Montenegrin Judicial Training Centre (JTC). At the new premises of the Montenegrin JTC, Montenegrin trainers Jelena Perović and Miljan Vlaović, together with their Dutch colleagues Giovanni Meurs and Lino Brosius have defined the goal and outline of the new module and worked on building its general and specific content.

Building the JTC module

A mind map showed that main module elements should include the related Montenegrin legislation, international experience, the current tasks, responsibilities and capabilities of the Montenegrin probation service, and the practical sides of implementing alternative sentences in Montenegro.

Probation is a relatively new institute, and judges and prosecutors are still exploring the benefits it can bring to the system of criminal justice. In order to make good use of the opportunities provided by the probation service, magistrates need to get a clear picture on the information needs of the probation service, the work practice of this service, and their own relation to this service in the criminal justice chain.

The Dutch-Montenegrin project is currently training all in-office magistrates in making good use of the services of probation. This JTC module is included in the work plan in order to sustain this effort and to ensure that new incoming candidate judges and prosecutors learn about these topics before they accede to the judicial corpus.

In the coming two months the Montenegrin trainers will further develop the content of the module. At the end of April or the beginning of May, the four experts will get back together to discuss and test-run the completed module.

This project is implemented by CILC and the Netherlands Helsinki Committee. It is funded is by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs under its MATRA CoPROL programme.

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