Montenegro // Risk assessment training in Bijelo Polje



Evaluation of risk is the foundation of all types of reintegration activities. This was the basic idea at the Risk Assessment training held in Montenegro where trainees worked together on the use of a common tool kit. On June 13th and for the following five days 13 professionals from the basic and higher courts in Bijelo Polje, from the Ministry of Justice in Podgorica, from ZIKS (both Spuz prison and  Bijelo Polje prison) and from the municipality of Bijelo Polje participated in the training. The training was implemented by Mr. Meurs and Mr. Clobus, two probation officers from the Dutch Probation Service.

Picture news item Risk assessment MNE 07.2016

Visual impressions of the Risk Assessment training and of the surroundings of Montenegro. Photo credit: Frans Clobus

Following a request by the Montenegrin Ministry of Justice the training was organized in Bijelo Polje, a remote region in the eastern part of Montenegro. It served its purpose well: to motivate and support the region in establishing a probation practice and introduction of risk assessment in the courts and prison. The training was widely appreciated. During the training a general introduction was given on various risk assessment tools while participants had the chance to get familiar with interview techniques and reflection methods. Following a first round of practical exercises, trainees were able to execute a risk assessment with real cases where inmates of the correctional facility in Bijelo Polje volunteered to work together with the trainees. In order to perform the training under optimal circumstances the management of Bijelo Polje prison offered full cooperation.

The project Support to the probation service and the system for alternative sanctions in Montenegro is implemented by CILC together and its partner organisation the Netherlands Helsinki Committee. The project is funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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