North Macedonia // Interactive training on advocacy & lobbying



CILC organised an interactive training for the Center for Legal Research and Analysis (CLRA) on advocacy and lobbying. CLRA is an NGO working in the field of rule of law, access to justice, democratization, good governance and human rights. CLRA commits to achieve its objectives through activities associated with legal research, development of legal resources, community mobilization, building legal awareness and providing legal advice and opinions.

The purpose of the interactive training was for CLRA staff to become more effective in using advocacy and lobbying techniques. The first part of the training took recently place in Skopje. The participants got to play with a strategic communication frame for an overall approach to their external communication actions and the importance of internal communication to coordinate this. Trainers Servaas Feiertag and Len Middelbeek explained the character of an organization by applying the concept of Peter Senge’s learning organization. That day participants did exercises on risk assessment and crisis communication.

On the third day of the training the participants looked from different angles at consultations on law enforcement and the fourth day was built around the theory of change and discussions focused on due diligence. On the last day the participants looked at the role of publicity and the use of (social) media for effective lobbying. They did an exercise on planning the steps of the advocacy cycle and law enforcement. Every day participants engaged in discussions and conducted intervisions with each other.

The first training sessions will be followed by a series of online coaching meetings to further develop the skills of the CLRA staff and to prepare a comprehensive strategy for the NGO. This summer, a study visit will be organized to show the participants Dutch real time practices and to learn about the Dutch judiciary system.

The project is financed by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs through Nuffic (Orange Knowledge Platform) and is implemented by the Center for International Legal Cooperation.

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