Palestine // Project Cycle Management training

By Irina Karic

The three-day training session on Project Cycle Management (PCM) under the NICHE project “Capacity Building in Higher Legal Education” was conducted from 24 February to 26 February, 2017 in Jericho, Palestine. Through this training, 10 participants from four Palestinian universities, including An-Najah University, Al-Quds University, Birzeit University, and Hebron University, and Palestinian Judicial Institute were introduced to the use of PCM as a means of designing, implementing and evaluating projects.

The facilitator of the training, Paul Munters, brought his extensive professional expertise in management training when discussing the framework and strategies for developing and managing project requirements to maximize the likelihood of successful projects. Using interactive exercises, based on a case study and adapted to the context of the Palestinian civil society sector, Mr. Munters engaged the participants, with different levels of experience in project management, to identify a number of potential challenges and ways with which to avoid the common project requirements pitfalls.

Participatory nature of the training encouraged attendants to work in groups and brainstorm about the problems together, and to provide a visual breakdown of the hierarchy of causes and effects and project objectives creating outputs that could be easily translated to circumstances they may encounter in the real world. By obtaining tools with which to analyze and understand the context in which they work, participants will be able to put in place a mechanism that would foster the use of PCM as a means of designing, implementing and evaluating projects and to forge a broad network of partnerships more effectively.



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