A study of the public prosecution and the police in the Palestinian Territories



Palestinian Territories: closed

Project description

In close cooperation and partnership with the Equity Legal  Group, Ramallah, CILC carried out a study on criminal justice in the Palestinian Territories focusing particularly on the Public Prosecution Service, the Police and their cooperation. The study took place under the guardianship of the Netherlands Representative Office (NRO) in Ramallah. In addition, an extra organisational review of the Public Prosecution Service took place. Both the study and the review were adopted in April 2009. The most important conclusion of the study was that the Public Prosecution Service was the weakest link in the criminal justice chain. Therefore, the study advocated national and international interventions that should focus on  strengthening and upgrading the Public Prosecution Service in terms of professional qualifications and the training of public prosecutors and their administrative staff. Further, the study recommended improving the management and organisation within the Public Prosecution Service, particularly the case-flow management and its automation.


Project team

Abdeljalil Taktak

Abdeljalil Taktak

Project Manager

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