Balkans Enforcement Reform Project (BERP)

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Project description

This large regional cooperation and capacity building project facilitated the establishment of more and structured professional contacts between the countries of the Western Balkans in the area of (cross-border) enforcement. These contacts were institutionalised through a regional network organisation, which was integrated into the UIHJ. Professional contacts and regional cooperation were strengthened through a joint training program and by setting regional standards for the profession and the functioning of the system.

In Albania, a solid basis was created for the further unfolding of an enforcement system by private judicial officers. The project also contributed to enhanced professional competences of and infrastructure for bailiffs. In Bosnia-Herzegovina, the project strived to inform decision makers about challenges in reforms ahead and increased the competences of and cooperation among enforcement professionals. This included the establishment of an association of court bailiffs and training programmes for court bailiffs and enforcement judges. In Croatia, the competences of enforcement professionals were improved and reforms of the enforcement system were supported. This included the adoption and implementation of an Enforcement Code and the introduction of private enforcement agents. In Kosovo stakeholders were acquainted with alternatives to the existing enforcement system provided and functioning of the latter was strengthened. In Macedonia the existing private bailiff system was fine-tuned and consolidated, by improving the IT network to which the National Chamber, the Ministry of Justice and the individual enforcement agent’s offices were connected. In Montenegro a more efficient and effective enforcement system was introduced, together with a new Enforcement Code and a Law on Private Enforcement Agents. In Serbia the project assisted in the drafting and introduction of a new Enforcement Code and provided support with the implementation process.


Project team

Eric Vincken

Eric Vincken

Project Manager

Ingrid de Haer-Douma

Ingrid de Haer-Douma

Project Officer

Jos Uitdehaag

Jos Uitdehaag

Enforcement Expert

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