Better Enforcement System Through Twinning (BESTT)

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Project description

The CILC peer-to-peer approach was successful in connecting Georgian and Dutch experts to carry out the necessary legislative review, institutional and communication capacity building tasks (so much so that ICE, the contractor responsible for follow-up project for the finalisation of the new Georgian Enforcement Code, appointed the experts of the BESTT project, thereby allowing for continuity of technical assistance between the two projects). The project laid down a solid basis for the further development of the Georgian enforcement system: a more stable and advanced legislative framework (through agreement on the structure of a new Enforcement Code and defining the legal basis for new NBE services), a better prepared body of enforcement agents (through a comprehensive training programme) and an improved approach to public communication for the NBE (through the development and deployment of a public relations strategy and corresponding tools, the appointment of spokespersons and active outreach to Georgian journalists). In addition, the subject of enforcement law was promoted with Georgian universities.


Project team

Eric Vincken

Eric Vincken

Project Manager

Ingrid de Haer-Douma

Ingrid de Haer-Douma

Project Officer

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    On Wednesday, 24th April 2013, the closing conference of the EU-funded Twinning Project “Better Enforcement System Through Twinning (BESTT)” was held in Tbilisi. The duration of the project that started in September 2011 was 20 months. Deputy Minister of Justice Mr. David Jandieri and leading representatives of the European Union Delegation to Georgia; the Project Administration Office; Georgian public institutions; the President and the board members of the International Union of Enforcement officers (UIHJ); other international donor organizations and NGOs attended the conference; about eighty people in total did. Experts of the National Bureau of Enforcement and international experts of the project jointly presented the main activities and achievements. Some major achievements are a study book for Georgian law students and the draft of a new Enforcement Code. With the support of the international experts, numerous trainings of enforcement agents have been conducted and new services like the Statement of...

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  • Georgia // CILC started a new Twinning Project 2 December 2011
    On 17 October 2011, the kick-off meeting for the new Twinning project “Better Enforcement System Through Twinning (BESTT)” took place in Tbilisi. Twinning projects are an instrument of the European Union for candidate countries and countries of the European Neighbourhood Policy. Normally Twinning projects are to be conducted by bodies of public administration of EU member states, which in this way help their counterparts in the beneficiary countries in implementing specific parts of the acquis communautaire or aligning procedures and practices with standards of the European Union. In some cases, bodies of public administration may be assisted in the implementation of Twinning projects by so-called ‘mandated bodies’. On behalf of the Netherlands Ministry of Security and Justice, CILC has the status of mandated body and is, as such, entitled to be involved in Twinning projects. In the Twinning project “Better Enforcement System Through Twinning (BESTT), two EU member states – the...

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