Change Management Masterclass



Lebanon: ongoing

Start: 01-09-2018

End: 31-03-2019

Project description


The Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform (OMSAR) is a national government organization that seeks to develop the institutional and technical capacities of Lebanese Ministries, central government bodies, public agencies, municipalities and NGOs. OMSAR has been collaborating with other Lebanese Ministries and public agencies through its network of Task Forces, which are focal points within the various other Ministries and public institutions to facilitate change, train colleagues and disseminate new products/techniques/results to colleagues in public administration. OMSAR, however, faces challenges in the field of change management,  
modern human resources management, and personal and professional ethics and integrity. 

The overall objective of the project is therefore to improved the functioning of public administration in Lebanon in line with fundamental human rights and rule of law principles, leading to improved quality of public service delivery and trust of the general public in government agencies 

The specific objective is to enhance the effectiveness, quality and knowledge of the OMSAR Task Forces on the key topics of change management, modern HR management and ethics and integrity 

The project foresees in three rounds of training for OMSAR staff. The results targeted include: 
– Training programme and materials are prepared and developed by a team of international and local experts – based on a training needs assessment and in close consultation with OMSAR 
– Three rounds of a week training programme on change management, modern HR management and ethics and integrity (including motivation and resistance to change, elements of a successful change trajectory, good governance as part of HR, performance measurement and integrity policies in public institutions) 
– 15 Task Force members have gained knowledge on core principles of change management, modern human resources management and ethics and integrity within public administration 
– Participants apply this knowledge effectively in their daily work, already during the training programme, based on a “change plan” 
– A plan of approach for dissemination of knowledge is produced for usage by the Task Forces within their institutions 
– The main topics of the training are disseminated to other staff, with which a beginning is made during the training programme.


Project team

Yana Ballod

Yana Ballod

Junior Project Manager

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