Consolidating capacity of the Law Development Centre (LDC) to undertake practical legal training (2012-2016)



Uganda: closed

Project description

This is a capacity building project for the Ugandan Law Development Centre (LDC), the sole provider of the Bar Course and thus the gate keeper for legal careers in Uganda.

Following up on a previous intervention by CILC and Utrecht University in 2007-2012, this project was designed to assist the LDC in meeting today’s challenges of the legal education market (growing number of students as a result of the liberalisation of legal education, expectations for an adequate learning environment, modern curriculum and distance learning).

In partnership with Northumbria University (UK), CILC supported LDC in upgrading the education and the learning experience it provides by introducing skills-based training, by implementing smaller student to teacher class ratios, through more efficient planning of classes, a notably improved physical learning environment (library, computer lab and overall access to internet, modern teaching aids in the classrooms etc.), but also through the integration of the Legal Aid Clinic in the teaching program. This included reviews of the Bar Course (1 year post-graduate course) and the Diploma in Law Course.



Project team

Marja Lenssen

Marja Lenssen

Project Manger

Anna Demoed

Anna Demoed

Project Officer

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