Countering serious crime in the Western Balkans

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WBPN2: ongoing

Start: 01-07-2020

End: 30-06-2023

Project description


The overall objective of the jointly co-financed Action of the European Commission and the Federal German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (EU/BMZ) (hereafter referred to as “Action”) is to enhance the capacities of the authorities in the Western Balkans to fight organized crime and terrorism including preventing and countering violent extremism by enhancing cooperation within the region and with the EU. The financial volume of the overall Action is € 17,915,000.00.

The specific objectives of the entire Action are: (1) to strengthen the operational capacities of Western Balkan law enforcement and security authorities to fight serious and organized crime and terrorism; (2) to strengthen the capability of  Western Balkan law enforcement and security authorities to effectively participate in and contribute to EU and regional cooperation structures and mechanisms; and (3) to strengthen the capability of Western Balkan law enforcement and security authorities to exchange information.

Within the Action CILC will be responsible for achieving in component 1 (Operational Support) output 1 ‘Cross-border investigations’; in component 2 (Strategic Cooperation) part of output 4 ‘Cooperation and Networking/JHA Agencies’ as far as the cooperation with EUROJUST is concerned; and in component 3 (Interoperability/compatibility of information systems/databases) for output 8 ‘Advanced Passenger Information/Passenger Name Records’.

Furthermore, the CILC project manager will be part of the overall management team of the Action.


Project team

Eric Vincken

Eric Vincken

Program Manager

Rodica Malancea

Rodica Malancea

Project Coordinator

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