EU Central Asia Rule of Law Platform Phase II

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Project description


The overall objective of this project was to contribute towards the development of a stable and democratic political framework in the Central Asian partner countries, as established in the EU Strategy for Central Asia. More specifically, this project was designed to improve the capacity of Central Asian countries to contribute to the modernisation and reform of their legal and judiciary systems, by developing legislation and practices in line with internationally accepted standards and fostering dialogue with neighbouring countries. In doing so, the project built on the outcomes of the Rule of Law Platform project phase I.

The results produced by the project include:

  1. Dialogue and exchanges on rule of law issues with Central Asian countries are reinforced and improved, leading to experiences, lessons learned and international standards and practices shared between EU and Central Asian actors and between Central Asian countries themselves.
  2. A network of better trained Central Asian experts in legal professions with closer linkages with EU experts is created and mutual understanding enhanced.
  3. Better information/dissemination of information at Central Asian level on the EU Rule of Law Initiative, EU projects in the rule of law area and related topics is ensured to promote international standards and best practice.

These were delivered among others by:

  • Organising thematic and issue based national workshops and regional dialogue fora in the target countries, as well as an EU-Central Asia Rule of Law Ministerial Conference;
  • Helping upgrade the qualifications of lawyers and other legal personnel through expert programmes and reformed law school and legal training syllabi, through strengthened trainers’ networks and promotion of local good training practices;
  • Supporting networking and communication among experts and donor projects; raising awareness among specific social target groups on various justice related issues;
  • Conducting research and studies, assisting with translation and dissemination of legal materials in Central Asian languages.


Project team

Willem van Nieuwkerk

Willem van Nieuwkerk

Project Manager

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