Investigating methods in criminal proceedings. Methods and techniques to fight international organized and serious crime



Albania: ongoing

Project description

Albania is involved in the EU Accession process. An important benchmark to be fulfilled is that Albania builds up a track record in the fight against organized crime through increased inter-agency cooperation, enhanced efficiency of proactive investigations and systematic use of financial investigations, strengthening its international and regional cooperation, including with EUROPOL, and intensifying its efforts in tackling all forms of organized crime (Report from the Commission to the Council and the European Parliament on Albania’s Progress in the Fight against Corruption and  Organized Crime and in the Judicial Reform of 4 June 2014). Given the earlier described role of the GPO and in particular of the Foreign Jurisdictional Relations Department it is of utmost importance to enhance capacities at the GPO in dealing with organized crime and international cooperation.


Project team

Eric Vincken

Eric Vincken

Project Manager

Ingrid de Haer-Douma

Ingrid de Haer-Douma

Project Officer

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