Legal Review: Analysis and evaluation of proposed draft and existing laws and regulations within the framework of legislative drafting



Indonesia: closed

Project description

This short training programme was developed at the specific request of the Ministry of Finance in Indonesia, as a direct consequence of a similar previous programme CILC had delivered in 2011 and 2012 for the Indonesian Ministry of Justice. This time, the programme targets twenty legislative drafters and other civil servants from the Ministry of Finance to enhance their capacity to draft and review laws and regulations and to give participants insight into the Dutch system and other European models. The three-week course took place in The Hague in November 2013 and will be followed-up with another session in Indonesia in early 2014. Strengthening rule of law requires coherence, continuity, stability, time to grow and the most kind of special attention to local realities in order to yield the desired outcomes. True to this belief, we have designed the follow-up session of 2014 to bring together participants from the Ministry of Justice programme with their colleagues from the Ministry of Finance to exchange experiences and build sustainable communication lines at operational level.



Project team

Adeline Tibakweitira

Adeline Tibakweitira

Project Officer

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