Study on Operational Guidelines to ensure incorporation of a Rights Based Approach in the design and implementation of security-related actions

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Project description

This is an assignment within the framework contract* funded under the Instrument for Stability 2014, Lot 3 – Critical Infrastructure and Counter-Terrorism.

The objective of this project is to contribute to the advancement of human rights and fundamental freedoms as part of EU action on the international scene. Specifically, the assignment is to prepare a study accompanied by assessment tools and checklists, that will provide operational guidance on how to ensure human rights safeguards are taken into consideration in the design and implementation of security-related actions (incorporation of a “rights-based approach”, RBA). The assignment specifically provides the necessary guidance to EU decision makers on EU engagement in security and justice assistance in third countries, particularly  in the areas of counter-terrorism, the fight against organised crime and cybersecurity.

Part of the expert’s work is to indicate the risks to be considered and assessments to be undertaken by EU decision makers prior to deciding on the engagement in security and justice assistance. It also includes proposing monitoring mechanisms embedded in these actions, that would allow assessing the risk that the assistance might directly or significantly contribute to a violation of human rights and/or international humanitarian law, as well as identify measures that may be taken to mitigate this risk.

A validation workshop is planned to take place in Brussels on 4 June 2015, where the draft study and its accompanying methodological tools will be presented to a range of relevant stakeholders from EU Institutions and  civil society to gather feedback and input.

After the finalisation and approval of the study, an inter-service training seminar will take place in Brussels, to allow concerned desks, policy officers and project managers to familiarise themselves with the findings of the study and the use of the accompanying methodological tools.

*The framework contract is a facility enabling the European Commission’s external assistance program, EuropeAid, to rapidly mobilise experts for short- or medium-term missions around the world. For each assignment, three consortia compete to propose the best team of experts under the best conditions within a tight deadline.


Project team

Adeline Tibakweitira

Adeline Tibakweitira

Project Manager

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