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Project description

This project brought together Dutch and Macedonian experts in the field of legal cooperation, administration of justice, case-law and legal informatics. The project succeeded in strengthening the role and the use of jurisprudence in the Macedonian legal system, and in this way it made a substantial contribution to improving the efficiency and professionalism in the Macedonian justice sector. The adopted inclusive implementation strategy with a strong emphasis on small-scale working meetings, discussion seminars and conferences has proved effective. The project team is proud to have made a significant contribution to raising the awareness among Macedonian judges, justices, lawyers and legal trainers about the role of jurisprudence in a modern and developed legal system. As a result, decision makers in the Macedonian justice sector now champion the belief that the Macedonian judiciary should continue paying due attention to jurisprudence as a highly relevant (be it informal) source of law.
The positive appreciation in the Macedonian justice sector of this project, its activities and achievements benefited the Dutch-Macedonian bilateral political and social relations.



Project team

Lino Brosius

Lino Brosius

Project Manager

Anna Demoed

Anna Demoed

Project Officer

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  • Macedonia // Closing conference of Jurisprudence project 14 May 2013
    On Friday 29 March CILC organized and moderated the closing conference of the Matra Project Macedonia Jurisprudence in Skopje. Backgrounds, main outputs and results of the project were highlighted by high-level representatives of the Croatian Ministry of Justice, the Macedonian Supreme Court, the Macedonian Academy for Judges and Public Prosecutors and the Netherlands Embassy. The event was preceded by a press conference and an introductory speech by the Macedonian Minister of Justice H.E. Blerim Bexheti. Following the opening, CILC legal expert and Judge in the Court of Appeal in Arnhem Mr. Frans Bauduin presented the dimension of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) in Dutch courts and highlighted the implications of ECtHR judgments for Dutch laws and regulations. This cooperation project brought together Dutch and Macedonian experts who successfully contributed to raise the awareness among Macedonian legal professionals about the relevance of jurisprudence for a transparent, predictable and consistent...

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  • Macedonia // Judiciary updated 20 November 2012
    Thursday 15 and Friday 16 November CILC organized a two day seminar in Skopje on the importance of case-law in the European Union. Judges and Justices of various Macedonian courts and representatives of the Macedonian Ministry of Justice were trained in a working seminar by CILC experts Marc Fierstra – Justice of the Dutch Supreme Court – and Ruud Winter – coordinating Vice-President of the Dutch Administrative High Court for Trade and Industry. Dutch Ambassador Marriët Schuurman opened the high level international event that was staged at the Macedonian Academy for Judges and Public Prosecutors. The evolution of European cooperation, the development and impact of EU Law and the role and procedures of the Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ) were high on the agenda. All elements were presented through the prism of case-law, underlining that the legal order of the European Union can be understood only by...

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  • Macedonia // The importance of jurisprudence for the unity of law 4 January 2012
    Macedonian delegation briefed on Dutch practices Unity of law in judicial decisions is of paramount importance. In any constitutional state judges are required to explain and apply the law equally to everyone. Consulting and scrutinizing prior judgments is a way to safeguard this equal administration of justice. Therefore, judges in the Netherlands, like judges in other countries in Europe and abroad attribute great importance to keeping a practical register of domestic and international case-law. Intensifying the use of jurisprudence by judges in the Republic of Macedonia is the goal in a three-year project by CILC and the Macedonian Academy for Judges and Public Prosecutors. In the framework of this project CILC organized a five-day study visit to the Netherlands for a delegation of Macedonian legal professionals in December 2011. Members of this delegation were a Justice of the Macedonian Supreme Court, the President Judges of the Appellate Courts of Skopje,...

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