Seyada II: Empowering the Palestinian Judicial System

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Project description

The project builds on the accomplishments of the first phase of the project, which focused on training judges and public prosecutors and on institutional and capacity building. Seyada II extended the scope of this work and was concerned with developing the High Judicial Council, the Palestinian Judicial Institute, the Palestinian Bar Association, setting up a legal aid system and strengthening constitutional review.

European Commission Representative, Christian Berger, said:“The ‘Seyada’ project is a vital element of the EU’s assistance programme for the Palestinian Authority. The EU is committed to the establishment of a viable, democratic and independent Palestinian state and it is clear that this ambition will only be realized through maintaining and developing the rule of law across its territory. ‘Seyada II’ will build on the many achievements of the first phase of the project and will greatly improve the delivery of justice to all Palestinians”.


Project team

Abdeljalil Taktak

Abdeljalil Taktak

Project Manager

Adeline Tibakweitira

Adeline Tibakweitira

Project Officer

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