Strengthen the institutional capacity of the High Judicial Institute (HJI) of Libya

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Project description


The overall objective of this project is to support the development of the rule of the law and good governance in Libya. The project will operate within a Government-to-Government (G2G) framework between the Dutch government and Libyan government.

The specific objective is to support the HJI of Libya in developing the capacities of the teaching staff to develop curriculum and teaching methods, using case studies from new legal fields such as financial crime, organised crime and human trafficking.

The methodology of the training programme is characterised by cooperation between the HJI and the CILC team of experts to support HJI in the development of its teaching capacities in these new and important crime topics and including legislative drafting. In addition, the project will provide a Train-the-Trainer (ToT) component in the training programme as the HJI is the institution that is responsible for the training of the legal and judicial staff.

This project (basically a training programme) therefore aims to achieve the following results by conducting a training in the Netherlands and by conducting a training in Tunisia for the Libyan delegation:

  • Result 1: Improved capacity of the teaching staff of the HJI to develop curricula as well as to select and utilise adequate teaching and learning methods, with the use of case studies from the fields of organised crime, human trafficking, financial crime and/or cybercrime and in the field of legislative drafting.
  • Result 2: Improved understanding and capacity among the trainers and staff of the HJI on interactive teaching and learning methods.
  • Result 3: Identified follow-up activities to enhance the cooperation with the Libyan Ministry of Justice



Project team

Eva Erren

Eva Erren

Project Manager

Adriana Thomson

Adriana Thomson

Junior Project Manager

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